Exploring the Roles of Physical Evidence and Offender Behavior in Solving Crimes

Attendees receive demonstrations of how investigative techniques, evidence analysis and Crime Assessment help to characterize the offender based on the presence (and absence) of physical evidence.

The attendee will learn behavior based interviewing methods which utilizes the characteristics identified through the evidence analysis and crime assessment. The course also introduces attendees to investigative techniques to use while investigating Equivocal Deaths and Staged Crime Scenes.

Unlike traditional courses, this course encourages attendees to interact with the instructor to gain a greater understanding of the concepts. The course utilizes case studies to better understand these techniques. This hands-on approach helps investigators to leave with the knowledge and tactics required to solve challenging cases more effectively.

Course Testimonial

"The Utah Department of Public Safety’s collaboration with Sherry Black Foundation is a valuable resource that has brought a unique training opportunity to law enforcement professionals in Utah. Thank you to Heidi and Greg Miller for their partnership in providing high quality training for criminal justice professionals."

Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Utah Department of Public Safety