Sherry Black Foundation

Sherry Black Foundation

We exist to make communities safer.

The National Averages
Are Staggering


of violent crimes are being solved


of sexual assaults are solved


of homicides are solved


Our mission is to create safer communities by using our resources to remove barriers in the criminal justice system in order to advance investigations.

What We Do

  • 3-day training on Crime Assessment
  • Interactive approach that can be applied to all violent crimes, both current and cold cases
  • Ability to customize agenda to local needs and interests
  • Inclusive of all criminal justice partners
  • Dedicated time for unsolved case consultation
Case Consultation
  • Families or agencies may submit (word links to submission page)cases for consultation. ( link to submission form with expectation paragraph)
  • Cases are evaluated for solvability factors
  • Experts may provide on-site case review
Investigative Tools
  • Support legislation that provides legal access to investigative tools and technology
  • Network of nationally recognized subject matter experts
  • Funding for advanced testing

Course Testimonial

"The Utah Department of Public Safety’s collaboration with Sherry Black Foundation is a valuable resource that has brought a unique training opportunity to law enforcement professionals in Utah. Thank you to Heidi and Greg Miller for their partnership in providing high quality training for criminal justice professionals."

Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Utah Department of Public Safety