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2023 Events Schedule

Chicago Illinois

August 22-24, 2023

Illinois Coroners and Medical examiners association

St. Clair, Illinois


Salt Lake City, UT

September 25-27, 2023

The Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists

Salt Lake City, UT

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Salt Lake City, UT

November 6-8, 2023

SLCC Campus, with guest trainer Amy Whitman

Sandy, UT

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Washington DC

October 2-4, 2023

IHIA Conference
Presenting Sherry’s Case

Washington DC – IHIA

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Homicide and Violent Crime Investigation

Exploring the Roles of Physical Evidence and Offender Behavior in Solving Crimes

The Crime Assessment Symposium provides new and veteran investigators with a unique and practical approach to law enforcement training.

Attendees receive demonstrations of how investigative technique and crime assessment helps to characterize the offender type based on the presence (and absence) of physical evidence. The course also introduces investigators to new methods of suspect interviews that are designed to increase the ability to identify the offender type.

Unlike traditional courses, the Crime Assessment Symposium encourages attendees to interact with instructors to gain a greater understanding of the concepts. This hands-on approach helps investigators to leave with the knowledge and tactics required to solve challenging cases more effectively.

Expert Instruction

The Law Enforcement Crime Assessment features instruction from nationally renowned expert Patrick Zirpoli. With over 34 years of experience, he actively consults with domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases by reviewing evidence to establish offender types.
Patrick Zirpoli

Patrick Zirpoli

Patrick Zirpoli retired as the Supervisor of the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Assessment Unit, where he led many high-profile investigations. He also served as head of the statewide Amber Alert program, where under his command, crime assessment led to the recovery of every missing child. Zirpoli draws upon these experiences to bring top-notch case review techniques to Law Enforcement Crime Assessment.


We Work With:

Utah DPS

Indiana ILETSB

Illinois Coroners Association

Idaho POST

Attorney General – Indiana

Indianapolis MPD

Indiana LETB

Attorney General – Indiana

Indianapolis MPD

Indiana LETB

Course Testimonials

"The Utah Department of Public Safety’s collaboration with Sherry Black Foundation is a valuable resource that has brought a unique training opportunity to law enforcement professionals in Utah. Thank you to Heidi and Greg Miller for their partnership in providing high quality training for criminal justice professionals."

Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Utah Department of Public Safety

"Working with key stakeholders to draft the Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) law passed during Utah's 2023 legislative session was one of the best collaborative efforts I have been part of in my experience at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services. Representatives from all different points of view worked together to create a law that implements IGG best practices while protecting public privacy rights. I believe that this law and these efforts will have a positive impact on public safety."

Amy Lightfoot - Laboratory Director, Bureau of Forensic Services, Utah Department of Public Safety

"The training that is provided to us makes our members more efficient in conducting their duties and when presented with a difficult case the training helps us make the right determinations, hence holding the offender accountable."

Chris Marsh - Illinois Coroners and Medical Examiners Association

"The DPS collaboration with the Sherry Black Foundation is as strong as ever. Together we craft legislation, create unique training opportunities for law enforcement professionals, and promote cutting edge technology in DNA testing to solve cases. "

Jimmy Higgs Deputy Commissioner Utah DPS