Sherry's Case

THe Story of Sherry's Case


On November 30, 2010, Salt Lake City businessman Earl Black entered the shop next to his home to discover that his wife, Sherry, had been the victim of a homicide. Brutally murdered with no apparent motive, Sherry’s murder quickly became the subject of a significant police investigation that sadly remains unsolved to this day.

The Black and Miller family’s journey of struggle and loss led to the founding of the Sherry Black Foundation. The goal is to help other families of violent crimes avoid the absence of closure that comes from an unsolved case. Sherry’s daughter Heidi and her husband Greg Miller have devoted many hours and numerous resources to help law enforcement identify her murderer. They have also committed themselves to help police organizations and other law enforcement officials learn advanced crime scene analysis techniques. 

In addition to these training programs, several agencies have presented cold cases to the foundation experts for crime-solving support. The foundation is proud to say that several cases have progressed and even resulted in charges filed from the case reviews. 

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