What we Do

Partner with leading experts and businesses with similar interests, Sherry Black Foundation and its board members work to advance the collaboration of knowledge and experience between experts and agencies.

This genuine interest to cultivate a cross-agency example of solving crimes will be the legacy of all involved.

Sherry Black Foundation Board

A network of highly regarded individuals who share a passion for supporting the efforts of law enforcement and embracing the vision of Sherry Black Foundation.

Vet and ensure Sherry Black Foundation partners of the highest caliber experts to create a cache of knowledge and network resources.
Build and promote the Sherry Black Foundation vision, mission, and services.
Identify partnerships and fundraising opportunities to further the foundation goals.


We Work With:

Utah DPS

Indiana ILETSB

Illinois Coroners Association

Idaho POST

Attorney General – Indiana

Indianapolis MPD

Indiana LETB

Attorney General – Indiana

Indianapolis MPD

Indiana LETB

Course Testimonial

The Utah Department of Public Safety’s collaboration with the Sherry Black Foundation is a valuable resource that has brought a unique training opportunity to law enforcement professionals in Utah. Thank you to Heidi and Greg Miller for their partnership in providing high quality training for criminal justice professionals.

Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Utah Department of Public Safety