About Richard Walter

Richard Walter retired after more than 22 years as a prison psychologist with the Michigan Department of Corrections. In that time, he conducted over 22,000 interviews, establishing a systematic approach to characterizing criminal behavior. A recent scholar-in-residence at the Oklahoma State University Graduate School of Forensic Sciences, Walter works closely with police as a consultant on current and cold cases. He is an international expert on crime assessment, profiling, and risk evaluation.

In addition to consulting with various agencies and governments in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and Hong Kong, Walter frequently lectures to law enforcement and academic groups on murder sub-types and signature aspects of interpersonal and workplace violence. He is an author of numerous articles related to forensic casework. As the co-founder of the Vidocq Society (resigned December 31, 2016), he joined 82 specialists worldwide to assist local criminal justice agencies pro bono in solving cold cases.

Walter has interviewed a large number of high-risk felony prisoners. Additionally, he has advised on forensic cases related to bite-marks, autoeroticism, sexual and non-sexual homicides, Munchausen Syndrome, and clinical versus meta-sadism. His professional affiliations include the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Fellow, and the Royal Society of Medicine: Clinical Forensic Medicine Fellow.