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The Sherry Black Foundation exists
to make communities safer.

Submit Cold Case


We support law enforcement and bring closure to the families of victims by solving crimes and fostering collaboration among criminal justice agencies.

We believe that the officers and investigators who examine these violent crimes sacrifice a piece of themselves in every one of these cases. Our commitment is to ensure that we match their sacrifice with knowledge and resources that support a successful outcome and closure.

While we focus on specific cases, our experts provide a knowledge base and training that advance investigative skills for those involved to accomplish similar results in future cases.


Law Enforcement

Empower law enforcement and bring closure to families that have unsolved cases.


Support the adoption of investigative best practices while advocating for Law enforcement access to tools and technologies that elevate the efforts of those working toward justice.


Symposiums that train and share knowledge based on experience and skill from recognized experts.

Active Duty Law Enforcement Officers

Crime Assessment

Offers a unique approach to law enforcement training that was designed to help police organizations and other law enforcement officials learn advanced crime analysis techniques.

Submit Cold Cases

Several agencies have submitted cold cases to the foundation experts for crime-solving support. The foundation is proud to say that several cases have progressed and even resulted in charges filed from these case reviews.

Assessing Criminal Behavior
Board members and experts

Board Members and Experts

Our board is responsible for helping the foundation reach across agencies to provide access to a network of influencers and leaders that support our mission. The board will collaborate with the director, each other, and the criminal justice community members in a way that advances our ability to achieve goals and raise financial support that furthers our mission.

Course Testimonial

"The Utah Department of Public Safety’s collaboration with Sherry Black Foundation is a valuable resource that has brought a unique training opportunity to law enforcement professionals in Utah. Thank you to Heidi and Greg Miller for their partnership in providing high quality training for criminal justice professionals."

Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Utah Department of Public Safety